New cutting range and Li-ion power showcasing at Glee 2012

The existing lopper range has been updated with nine new models offering improved cutting technology, and more ergonomic handles.

The new Garden Weeder means gardeners can tackle weeds without using chemicals. Its deep reaching claws grab the offending plant from all directions with two hard working blades and an ejection system which quickly and easily releases the weeds after pulling. In 2011 the brand introduced a modification to its pruner range to feature a concealed spring, for 2013 five new pruners will be available widening the range to nine.

In June 2012, the garden industry’s focus was on the brand’s Li-ion range with its Hedge Trimmer winning a GIMA Award and Line Trimmer following closely as a runner up. The range has been expanded for 2013 to include a Power Chainsaw, High Cutter and Leaf Blower.

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