New branding and products from the makers of rootgrow

As the UK’s only producer of mycorrhizal fungi and using only UK origin species, at PlantWorks we are in a unique position to leverage our scientific technologies, horticultural expertise and production skills to expand our range of products for 2012 and beyond. To unify all future products PlantWorks is launching the Empathy brand under which all our sustainable and biological products will fit. Empathy, in itself is a long term vision that seeks to establish a range of products that will offer the discerning gardener a choice between existing plant treatments and truly sustainable biologically active treatments that harmonise with nature and the environment.

%%IMAGE%%rootgrowTM – New Size

Endorsed by the RHS in 2008, rootgrowTM has established itself as best practice for planting roses, trees and shrubs. With recent publicity concerning world record vegetables the ‘grow your own’ sector has cottoned on to the benefits as well. The popularity of rootgrowTM  has proven that sustainable biological treatments are in demand in the UK garden market and that the correct marriage of brand and function can achieve huge customer loyalty. By popular demand from bare root hedging, rose and fruit tree suppliers the new rootgrowTM 1kg pack is now available and contains a sachet of gel powder to create a dipping solution if required. 2012 also sees a refreshment of the rootgrowTM 360g and 150g packaging.

%%IMAGE%%Supreme Green Lawn seed with rootgrowTM

First of the new range of products is an added value lawn seed. Supreme Green lawn seed with rootgrowTM  is available in both 1 KG and 500g packs. Grass seed of the very highest quality has been specially selected for viability, speed of germination, greenness, vitality and toughness, blended with rootgrowTM this will create a beautiful lawn that will endure and please for a lifetime. Both sizes are perfect for patch and repair – the 1kg pack can treat up to 40sqm as patch and repair, that’s up to 80 x 50cm patches.

Seaweed Range

The Empathy Seaweed range is the first non mycorrhizal fungi products by PlantWorks. Produced from sustainably harvested kelp and manufactured using a unique cell burst technology the empathy seaweed range have high levels of naturally occurring amino acids, auxins and cytokinins that stimulate healthy plant growth. This range includes, Empathy ALL Purpose, Lawn feed, Ericaceous and Grow your Own. Seaweed extract has long been recognised as an excellent growth enhancer and soil conditioner. Our own research has found that seaweed actually boosts the activity of mycorrhizal fungi, combined with rootgrowTM this offers gardeners the complete solution for establishment and feeding throughout the growing season. All of the seaweed products carry RHS production license and endorsement.

%%IMAGE%%Mini Meadow with rootgrowTM

Mini Meadow with rootgrowTM   is designed to create your very own habitat to encourage birds, bees and butterflies. The easy sow pack will create a 3M2 area of wildflowers so it is suitable for virtually any garden. The specially selected flower seeds will be supported by the rootgrowTM enabling them to establish and flourish wherever they are sown.

Taking into account the Royal Horticultural Society, the eye catching packs sports the ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ logo. The campaign is designed to highlight high nectar yielding flowers and plants that we can use in our gardens. Rumours of wildflower meadows making a comeback at Chelsea 2012, the wildflower meadows surrounding parts of the Olympic village, the idea of us all planting our very own Mini Meadow is bang on trend.

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Plantworks offer full product and technical support as well as in store POS and customer information. If you are an existing rootgrowTM stockist simply add the additional ranges to your next order – look out for new value discounts on any product mix! To become a stockist please contact us directly.

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