New additions to the Empathy gardening range for Autumn 2013

In Autumn 2013 two new products enter the range, both incorporating rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi at their core offering direct linked sales for bulbs and roses. Carrying the RHS logo, these two new products are biologically active and sustainable.


Empathy is produced by PlantWorks, a leading horticultural research firm that specialises in sustainable and natural plant growth solutions.  The company is focused on developing biologically active products bringing together to best in plant biology and horticultural science to help advance UK gardening.






Designed as a linked sale for all bulbs at time of planting Empathy BULB STARTER ensures the ideal biological conditions for bulbs to germinate, grow and flower. Designed around the recognised rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi, Empathy BULB STARTER also includes vermiculite to ensure good drainage in the root zone and seaweed meal as a source of natural auxins to stimulate root development.





Designed as a biologically active plant food Empathy AFTERPLANT ROSE FOOD is specifically formulated for roses, containing essential nutrients, biologically active mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial nitrogen fixing bacteria that help to reduce the need for chemical inputs whilst adding to soil fertility that in turns supports healthy growth and improved flowering.

The product is designed for both early season and post first flush feeding, it is dry granule formation.






Both units are presented in large format  20 X 29 cm free standing DOY pouches and are printed to the highest quality in eye catching livery.


PlantWorks is also pleased to announce its new Ipad and Internet friendly on-line brochure is now available, detailing all its retail products.  The brochure can be viewed at the site under the RETAILER ZONE area, or directly using: