Monolith predicts rush in barbecue sales after mild spring weather

Retailers and manufacturers are predicting Brits might ditch the traditional Easter roast for a barbecue dish because of the mild weather.

German barbecue brand UK director Paul Yates commented: “The last month has seen us swamped with calls from retailers looking to stock barbecues and accessories for a boom in sales right before Easter. The spell of good weather, particularly in recent weeks and the forecast for a mild Easter break has encouraged shoppers to start thinking outdoor dining.”

The UK is Europe’s leading barbecue nation; in fact, outdoor dining is our number one summer leisure activity according to National Barbecue Week.

Paul said: “Barbecuing is hugely popular in the UK, but it has changed. Forget the image of a man in an apron burning some burgers on a grill, charcoal barbecues have evolved in technology and many of the leading ranges out there now offer oven barbecues, where you can slow cook, bake, smoke and roast.

“This type of barbecue is now the chosen favourite in Europe and the USA, who define barbecuing more as charcoal oven cooking, whatever the time of year. If you go to the likes of Kentucky, you’ll see them barbecuing in the middle of the snow! Germany has also seen a huge boost in out of season barbecuing, and more Germans investing in outdoor kitchens to use all year round.”

Paul added: “So the UK may have changeable weather, but with oven barbecues it really doesn’t make any difference. I, for one, did our last two Christmas dinners on a Monolith, so whatever the Easter weather, we should all get out there and embrace outdoor cooking!”