Microlife Growth Activator

A new green product made only from green waste. Microlife is a sustainable growing media and a great alternative to peat based products.


Microlife is full of microbes which will feed essential nutrients to the plants, these are slow releasing macro and micronutrients.

Microlife needs at least 52% less water, therefore drought or water restrictions are not a problem or even forgetting to water plants will not cause as much damage to plants

Microlife enhances plant life by at least 73% ensuring plants are healthy and strong.

Using Microlife eliminates the need for plant food as they get all the nutrients they need.

Microlife is endorsed by TV Celebrity and Gardener Peter Dowdall, Peter has been involved in many television programs such as Ground Force and many more.  The latest project is a TV show called Corrigan City Gardens where vegetables will be grown in city allotments and cooked by TV Chef  Micheal Corrigan. Microlife will be used to grow the vegetables.

Microlife is very beneficial for landscape architects as it cuts down on manual labour, it also gives the landscaper the added security that all lawns and plants will thrive and clients need not be avid gardeners to maintain beautiful gardens.

Katherine Ross

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