Marketing the fascination of fish isn’t child’s play

Last year proved to be another successful year for Tetra, a global leader in fish food, treatments and equipment. However, Chris Nickson, Marketing Manager for Tetra UK, believes that there is huge potential in the market that we are still not grasping.

He comments: “There are plenty of people keeping fish for the first time but, as an industry, we are just not keeping them in the hobby and managing them well.”

In this vein, this year Tetra launched new improved versions of two of its best sellers – TetraMin and TetraFin. Each one has been improved to deliver even better performance in a highly competitive market place. The aim was to deliver significantly improved food utilisation and minimise fish waste compared to former formulas. This means improved nutrition for the fish and less waste polluting the water.

So if fishkeepers can see that their fish are healthy and that their water stays clean for longer they are likely to get more enjoyment out of the hobby, find it less hassle, and stay in it longer.

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