Love was in the air at London’s Barbican

Journalists, broadcasters and members of the Garden Media Guild met with some of the industry’s finest suppliers, including The Horticultural Exhibitors Association (HEA), represented by Darlac, Dr Fosters, Garden Xtras and Nova Flore.

Attending the event for the second year running; the HEA had a fantastic, busy day, meeting with both old friends and new, up-and-coming journalists who had the opportunity to really get to grips with the products on show.

“This is a really important day for us” said Peter Darban, vice chairman HEA, “not only is it the first event of the season, but it’s fundamental to why the HEA was established. The Association is all about working together, allowing smaller, independent retailers and suppliers to showcase unique, high quality products as a united front, proving that it’s the standard of company and its products that counts and not the size that matters. For our members it’s an opportunity to meet with a host of journalists who can really get a feel for what we are offering , this is our second year and it is now a ‘must’ on the season calendar, because it just keeps getting better.”

The HEA works tirelessly throughout the year to offer the very best service to its members, supporting independent horticultural suppliers and retailers across the UK

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