LOFA Launches Made Aware: the new trademark for ‘Green Outdoor Furniture and Barbeques’

Suppliers to be awarded the coveted Made Aware label have to prove they are taking progressive action to reduce their environmental impact and to improve the welfare of the people who make their products.


Each year these suppliers
will have to show they are continuing to make a worthwhile improvement, and have to pass stringent testing by a panel of independent judges to ensure they can keep the prestigious Made Aware label.
To promote the Made Aware campaign LOFA will be undertaking a tour of garden centres and retail outlets across the UK to highlight its members Made Aware products. A specially-commissioned ‘wishing tree’ has been made and will engage
with consumers at the point-of-sale to educate them about the new trademark and environmental scheme. Customers will also be encouraged to make an environmental wish which can be tied onto the wishing tree and one lucky customer will win £1000 for an environmental charity of their choice. The promotional campaign will also cover
social media and will give consumers a chance to find out more about the green scheme at www.facebook.com/madeawarebylofa, www.twitter.com/madeawarebylofa and
If you want to know more about the Made Aware campaign and the latest range of Made Aware labelled products, visit www.madeaware.org.uk.