La Hacienda increasing bio-ethanol fireplace safety standards across the range

  La Hacienda’s new for 2013 bio-ethanol fireplace range has added a contemporary edge to the company’s product portfolio.  Using sleek lines and modern design the range makes it possible for consumers to add a real flame fire to their home or garden without the need for a flue, gas or electric connection or even a fireplace.  However, the UK market is not subject to stringent safety laws – something that La Hacienda is setting about changing.

  Simon Goodwin, director at La Hacienda explains: “An exciting product group, these fireplaces can add heat and ambience in the home and garden all year round, whilst also offering a stylish and contemporary alternative to other heat sources.  However, unlike standard indoor or outdoor fires, consumers have little awareness of how they should be used and more importantly no safety standard has been put into place to ensure these are safe for use in the home or garden. 

  “This is where we step in.  For 2013 our range of bio-ethanol fireplaces will be, without doubt, considered amongst the safest on the UK market.  We have worked closely with our product manufacturers to develop fireplaces that follow as close as possible the strict DIN safety standards that are already in place in Germany.  In addition we rigorously test our fireplaces to ensure maximum safety levels are reached.” 

So what features do La Hacienda Bio Fires have to improve safety?

  • ·         Each model has a secondary fuel reservoir and a maximum fuel level indicator to reduce the risk of accidental spillage. 
  • ·         Where possible, safety messages have been etched directly onto the entrance to the fuel tank so warnings still exist even if the instructions are discarded. 
  • ·         The glass used in the sleek designs of La Hacienda’s bio-ethanol fireplaces has also been replaced with specially made toughened glass, similar to that found in ovens, making it perfectly capable of withstanding heat or impact.
  • ·         The comprehensive instruction booklets and packaging has been revised to include recommendations for the relevant room size.
  • ·         The fuel combustion for each burner has also been tested in conjunction with the fuel to ensure that La Hacienda’s fuel is the most compatible with the fireplaces.

  Simon Goodwin added: “When it comes to a real flame we believe that absolutely no corners can be cut, which is why we have tested and manufactured our models to meet as closely as possible test standards produced in Germany where bio ethanol fireplaces have been used for many years. We’ve also expanded our offering to include a good range of price points and many more designs, making it one of the largest ranges available in the UK.”

What is bio-ethanol?

Bio-ethanol is a liquid produced from biomass such as quick growing crops and other natural plant material.  Unlike fossil fuels bio-ethanol is an eco-friendly, renewable energy source, that is both biodegradable and low in toxicity.  In the case of La Hacienda’s fireplaces, the bio-ethanol is supplied in liquid form that can be poured directly into the fuel tank/cup.

How does that work?

The concept of bio-ethanol fireplaces is actually incredibly simple. Being a ‘clean’ burn fuel, the flame gives off minimal emissions, which means it’s perfectly safe for use within the home when used in a well-ventilated area.  Unlike a traditional fire or a wood burning stove, bio-ethanol fireplaces don’t need a flue or chimney, any specialist installation and very little assembly.



The La Hacienda range

The range features wall mounted, table top and freestanding designs, the latter two being completely portable so that the warmth of a real flame can be enjoyed both indoors, as a secondary heat source, or outdoors for added ambience.  Dependent upon the model, these fires can produce up to 4.5kw/ph.

The range is also supported with accessories such as the Ceramic Log and Cone set, Ceramic Pebbles in white or grey, and ceramic ‘burnt effect’ logs.  Liquid Bio-ethanol fuel is also available in 1 litre bottles.

Find out more

  For further information about La Hacienda’s extensive ranges please visit or call 01285 762060.