Kärcher’s Anniversary Pack

Kärcher’s Anniversary Pack includes a ‘3′ series pressure washer, plus a £100 free accessory pack, including a patio/decking cleaner, full car valet suite, dirt blaster lance, variable pressure nozzle, extension hose with hanger and universal cleaning liquid.  The complete kit for your home, all at the special price of £199*.

  • ‘3′ Series Pressure Washer
  • Patio/decking cleaner
  • Full car valet suite
  • Dirt blaster lance
  • Variable pressure nozzle for delicate surfaces
  • Extension hose with hanger and universal cleaning liquid 

Anniversary Facts

  1. Kärcher invented the consumer pressure washer 25 years ago.
  2. Kärcher is the world’s No 1 designer and manufacturer of pressure washers.
  3. Kärcher is committed to preserving the world’s most historical monuments including the statue of liberty, presidents of Mount Rushmore, Nelsons Column.
  4. Kärcher also manufactures a range of indoor cleaning equipment inc. wet and dry vacs, electronic brooms, window cleaners and steam cleaners
  5. Kärcher pressure washers are proven to use 70% less water from garden hoses.
  6. Kärcher pressure washers clean your car and patio faster and more efficiently than any other pressure washer on the market, saving you time and energy.
  7. In independent tests Kärcher pressure washers has out-performed every other pressure washer available today.