Kärcher Cleans Up Bank Holidays

Bank holiday chores needn’t be boring with Kärcher, the leading manufacturer of pressure washers. Celebrating 25 years of the consumer pressure washer, Kärcher is pleased to offer customers a limited edition ‘Anniversary Package’, the complete kit for your home, car and garden, available at a special anniversary rate.

Proven to use much less water than a garden hose whilst cleaning your car or patio faster and more efficiently than traditional methods, Kärcher is the perfect partner for taking the hard work out of domestic chores. Having cleaned some of the world’s most famous monuments including Mount Rushmore and Nelson’s Column, Kärcher bring its world class performance to your home.

Kärcher’s Anniversary Pack includes a ‘3′ series pressure washer, with over £100 worth of accessories FREE, including a patio/decking cleaner, full car valet suite, dirt blaster lance, variable pressure nozzle, extension hose with hanger and universal cleaning detergent.

The complete kit for your home, all at the special price of £199.

Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs-GmbH

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