Jamie Oliver Barbecue

Jamie is a real outdoor chef and loves working with produce from his own garden to cook immediately on the “Barbie”, so together with Hartman, Jamie has designed a range of fantastic charcoal and gas barbecues for all your barbecuing needs – whether it’s a quick cook up with some friends or a big garden party for the whole street. The new, distinctive range is built to last and designed to make cooking al fresco as easy and delicious as possible.

Combining four very desirable designs in exclusive colours, there are two charcoal and two gas barbecues to choose from.  The two choices in the charcoal range are the “Park”, the “Classic” and the “Home” and the “Pro” complete the gas barbecue range.

The “Park” is a small portable barbecue ideal for picnics and festivals. It has locking clips for easy storage and carrying, detachable expander ring to expand height and aid convection cooking, as well as acting as a wind-break. Stylish silicone trims, upper and lower ventilation rings allowing maximum control and an internal lid heat diffuser. 

The “CLASSIC” includes all the features of the “Park” but has added maneuverability with the addition of wheels with a bottom shelf and storage area for condiments and bottles, detachable ash catcher and easy read Jamie Oliver thermometer. 

The “HOME” barbecue range and the “PRO” barbecue are built with heavy duty cast iron grills and stainless steel control panels, they are rugged for frequent use, and are full of practical features, including a big easy read thermometer, warming racks to keep food hot and wheels for easy maneuverability. 

These barbecues have everything you need to get perfect food every time and Hartman are extremely excited to be working with Jamie Oliver on this brand new launch for the 2014 garden furniture season.