It’s Wheelbarrow Season!

According to the Maingate mantra, designed-in Product Excellence holds its own reward: Regardless of economic conditions, markets will always gravitate towards Quality! Peter Valentin, Maingate MD, explains, “A garden wheelbarrow is no different from any other purchase: If it’s a joy to use and stays looking great for years, then we as Maingate will have both a happy end user and a happy retailer.

It stands to reason: If a wheelbarrow meets all your expectations, you’re impressed by the garden centre who sold it to you. If it is not durable and ergonomically efficient, you’re disappointed in the retailer and unlikely to recommend him to your neighbour, cousin or vicar.”

That explains why Maingate’s County barrows were designed to be of the highest technical specification, with chunky 4-ply tyres; galvanised frames with solid steel skids; and traditional seam welding, much stronger than the spot welding used in other brands. In Peter’s view, it also explains why since GLEE, garden centres small and large all over the country have switched to stocking County Barrows.

Another unique Maingate claim is the totally flexible pallet solution which allows the retailer to mix models and colours in the exact proportions wanted. This allows all price points and colour variants to be represented on a single pallet, and when they are put out on display, suddenly there’s a wheelbarrow department that looks the business and shows the shopper that here’s a garden centre that knows what it’s doing in this category.


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