Interpet products a success at GLEE

Interpet  had another successful year at GLEE exhibiting exciting new products in Mikki, Nylabone, Interpet Indoor Aquatic, Blagdon and a range of new books.
Mikki the grooming experts excel again with the launch of the new Mikki Moult Master. Endorsed by Alison Rogers the current UK grooming champion, the Moult Master is the ultimate de-shedding tool to conquer mass moulted pet hair.
Nylabone launched a new range of edible chews specially formulated for puppies over 3 months old. With four great flavours these are bound to get new dog owners into the Nylabone brand. To help during the teething months Nylabone has designed a Puppy Pacifier and Puppy Stix, much better for your puppy than wooden sticks which splinter.
Interpet introduced Fishpod – the new complete aquarium that makes fish keeping easier and more successful than ever before. Fishpod contains all you need to start up a coldwater aquarium and even has a tropical upgrade kit, allowing flexibility for beginners and experienced fish keepers alike. Fishpod’s panoramic curved glass design and high specification equipment creates a beautiful under water world for fish keepers to enjoy.
New products and in store presentation will form the thrust of the forward thinking from Blagdon for 2009. New pumps, electrical products and treatments were launched at GLEE which will add to the comprehensive portfolio of marketing leading products from Blagdon. Continued focus on retailer support was also at the fore on the Blagdon stand at GLEE.
Interpet Publishing offered a variety of exciting “book deals” as well as an ever-increasing list of new titles and a vast selection of best-selling pet and aquatic books. Included are popular breed books, plus must have popular dog and cat care books, small animal titles, bird, aquatic titles and much more.
New launches, fresh for the show included The Reef Aquarium and What If My Cat…
For more information you can contact Interpet Ltd on 01306 873818 or email