Inspiring Christmas gifts from Classic Canes

Leading walking stick specialist, Classic Canes, has produced an inspiring new trade catalogue, packed with over 500 models of walking sticks, folding canes, seat sticks and umbrellas. The family firm’s distinctive products are ideally suited to the typical garden centre or gift shop clientele.

The range includes walking sticks to suit every budget, from everyday sticks to heirloom quality collectors’ canes. However, the bulk of the collection retails for between £10 and £30. 
Elegant, floral-patterned walking sticks and height-adjustable folding canes are among the most popular items for garden centres. A wealth of colours, patterns and designs ensures there is a walking stick to accessorise any outfit.  Important details such as handle shape and exact shades of colours ensure the saleability of Classic Canes’ distinctive products.
Classic Canes’ walking sticks make wonderful presents because they are useful as well as pretty: an important factor for gifts in recessionary times. As an added benefit, walking sticks are mostly displayed vertically in special display stands.
Retailers interested in products of interesting provenance will also appreciate the company’s “Sustainable Forestry” range of rustic walking sticks, grown and manufactured in Classic Canes’ Somerset woodland.
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