Impressive Before & After Prize Winner Pictures Released

Alison Adams from CWA Pets in Ludlow has felt like she’s been dreaming since her pet shop was re-fitted to the highest standard courtesy of CASCO Europe. Alison said, “I just keep going in and looking, because I can’t believe how fantastic it is. It’s been quite emotional, we are all so proud and are keeping it spotless all the time. We can see already how good it is for business”. Alison won £20,000 of shop fittings and installation simply by visiting the CASCO stand at GLEE last year. Amazingly for her business, the makeover, which has transformed a section of her shop, cost her nothing and is already bringing in an abundance of extra sales of animals and related accessories!

Alison is now seeing first hand how well displayed livestock attracts customers and makes them want to take a pet home and care for it properly. Customers at CWA Pets haven’t been able to believe the transformation of the pet shop and comments like ‘WOW where am I’ are being heard over and over again.

Alison’s store is now displaying animals in 2 new CASCO rodent enclosures, one bird unit, one reptile unit and 3 rabbit runs. There is also a new rack of aquariums, a plant display unit and a brand new counter. The 2 original CASCO AquaWave units, which were 4 years old, have also had a makeover with new white fascias to match the rest of the new displays.  These fascias simply clip onto existing units to bring them bang up to date with latest fashions. Alison said, “The units are so well designed, the manufacturers think of everything to keep the animals displayed well and happy whilst also making it easy to look after them in the store. My pet shop is so smart and professional, much better than I could ever of imagined it would be!”

About the re-fit, that took 3-days, Alison said, “It went very smoothly with little disruption and the 2 fitters were brilliant. I can’t praise them enough, they worked late, did everything I asked and everything they could”. Alison added, “I would have no problem recommending CASCO products and fitters and I would tell anybody who can do it to invest in new shop fittings, it makes such a difference!”

Because of the re-fit, CWA Pets has been able to expand its selection of animals adding caged birds as well as rats, gerbils, Chinese and dwarf hamsters. The shop sold more animals in the first weekend after the re-fit than they would normally do in a whole month. Alison is now ready to accept her first delivery of reptiles, which will include tortoises, corn snakes and bearded dragons. A training session by the reptile supplier is also booked to cover correct care and handling. CWA Pets is selling real aquarium plants for the first time from its smart new display unit.

CWA Pets was the lucky GLEE 2008 winner and it could be your business benefiting next time. Look out for forthcoming CASCO show promotions. To see images of other CASCO installations visit For sales enquiries, prices and brochures call 08450 60 99 60 (local rate).