HydroGarden propagates fresh roots in Wyevale Garden Centres with new ROOT!T™ contract

Wyevale2The largest garden centre group in the UK, Wyevale Garden Centres, is to sell a selection of HydroGarden’s specially formulated propagation range, ROOT!T™ in 85 of its largest stores.


Manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic equipment, HydroGarden, based near Coventry, will supply five of its ROOT!T™  lines, all of which are environmentally-friendly and designed to assist amateur gardeners in achieving high success rates through more vigorous rooting and reduced plant shock.


Founded as a mail-order nursery in 1932, Wyevale Garden Centres is the first major chain to stock items from the ROOT!T™ range which was first launched in 2010 and has quickly become one of HydroGarden’s top selling lines as a result of growing sales via independent retailers.


ROOT!T™ products available at Wyevale Garden Centres include the ROOT!T™ Premium Propagation kit (RRP £20.00) which comes with a free ‘Successful Propagation Guide’, ROOT!T™ First Feed (RRP £3.90), a concentrated liquid feed which promotes fast and healthy root development while also boosting resistance to infection and disease, and ROOT!T™ Rooting Gel (RRP £5.00) which replaces the need for hormone rooting powder.


In addition, there will be two lines of ROOT!T’s™ Natural Rooting Sponges (24 Cell Filled Tray RRP £6.50, 50 Refill Bag RRP £11.30).  The sponges are the result of a breakthrough in peat reduced technology and have a specially designed dual hole to take cuttings or seeds.  The growing media retains just the right amount of water without causing material compression, and is based on a mixture of peat and bark that will biodegrade after a few months.


For information about HydroGarden’s full product range or to request a catalogue call 024 7665 1500 or visit www.hydrogarden.co.uk