HTA Salary Survey 2010 now available

Overall, the average increase for 2010 is 2.12% compared with 1.19% in 2009. However, there was a decrease in the level of salary paid to those in senior posts within both nursery and garden centre sectors. The findings also suggest that people at the top are taking a cut in remuneration and also taking on additional tasks as some of the middle level posts are removed from organisations.

A continuing downward trend is shown in the average salary paid to directors in the nursery sector from £32,475 in 2009 to £31,555 in 2010. In the garden centre sector there was a significant decrease with the average payment falling over £5,000 to £33,341 in 2010.

The survey reveals that the posts of sales manager, nursery manager and garden centre manager continue to be the key posts in the two sectors and are the highest paid roles below the executive posts.

The post of sales manager within nurseries commands the highest salary of the three and over the year the average salary has increased from £26,964 to £28,700 in 2010. However, the data suggests that the actual number of sales managers employed in the nursery sector has decreased with those remaining being paid a higher wage, possibly to reflect the importance of the role in the current business environment. In previous years the sales manager posts were restricted to nurseries with a turnover of at least half a million but in 2010 some smaller nurseries in the southern and south west regions have introduced the post to their businesses.

Penny Worner, HTA HR Consultant comments, “The data received showed an unusually wide range of wage settlements which is an indicator of the uncertain economic situation in the garden sector. However, the overall average wage increase for the sector of 2.12% is only slightly below the UK average wage increase for 2010.”

The HTA 2010 Salary Survey report has been sent to all businesses that completed it and returned data. Members who did not take part but would like a copy of the report can purchase one for £30. Please contact Helena Higley on 0118 9303132 or email: