Hozelock celebrate 50th anniversary at GLEE

GLEE sees a major redesign of the most widely stocked gardening product in the country, the Hozelock hose connector which for 2009 has soft touch side pads and a unique flexible hose tail. The company is also introducing a new EasyClear 9000 all-in-one clearwater, fountain and waterfall pump plus significant improvements to the EasyClear 3000 and 6000 models. And, to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2009, Hozelock is announcing a raft of special themed promotional deals.
Featuring the strapline, “Still bursting with ideas 50 years on”, the nine limited edition 50th anniversary deals are all promotionally packaged and supported by in-store banners, inflatables, wobblers, display cards and pallet wraps. They all feature popular lines at “one-time” price reductions – with no chance of topping-up or re-ordering.
They include a 20m Anniversary Auto Reel on an 18-unit pallet at a target consumer price of £59.99; a 7L Anniversary Pressure Sprayer complete with a 0.5L Trigger Sprayer, weedkiller cone and extension lance (£22.99) in a pallet display of 42; two Anniversary Pond CombiFilter Kits comprising pond pump, Ecopower+ combi filter, hose and clips in 5000L and 10000L sizes (£99.99 and £129.99); and an Anniversary EasyClear 3000 all-in-one pump, UV and filtration system (£69.99) in a 16-unit pallet display.
New soft-touch hose connectors
The new standard Hose End Connector and water-wise Aqua Stop Connector have easy-grip, soft, textured side pads which make the connectors easy to detach, even when wet.
But the most obvious new feature is the anti-kink hose nut with a flexible extended collar which ensures that the hosepipe connection is never under stress. Not only does the new hose tail reinforce the connection with the hose by preventing kinking but it also effectively lengthens the hose retaining nut making it much easier to grip. The hose tail also inhibits hose expansion when bent, making the connection even more secure.
Shipping from December, the new 12.5mm soft-touch Hozelock Hose Connectors are priced at £3.99 including VAT for the standard connector and £4.99 for the premium Aqua Stop model, distinguishable by its red rim and side pads.
Available with feature-flagged colour backing cards – waterproof to allow outdoor merchandising – or loose in dump bins, the new connectors are supported in-store by bulk hoppers with full colour side wall illustrations.
Shelf wobblers highlighting the universal compatibility of Hozelock fittings are also available together with an interactive connector unit.
EasyClear for larger ponds
Combining all the devices required to make a healthy, decorative pond in a single sleek, low profile casing and with just one power cable, the new EasyClear 9000 is easy to install in ponds of up to 9000 litres. It combines into a single unit a powerful filtration system, UV clarifier with 13W bulb and a dual-function fountain and waterfall pump which can deliver a fountain up to 1.9m high. A new ultra-efficient motor consumes only 55W of power and yet delivers a maximum flow rate of 2850LPH, making this device very economical to run.
The existing EasyClear 3000 and 6000 models have been upgraded and all three feature dedicated, independent flow control adjustment of both fountain and waterfall features. The supplied interchangeable two-tier, three-tier and bell fountainheads give a choice of fountain water patterns and effects.
All of the new models come with a Clearwater guarantee and three separate filtration processes built in: foam filters to remove suspended particles; a bed of superior Kaldnes biomedia; and a single-ended ultra-violet lamp, contained in a quartz tube.
With an improved three-year warranty and new colour-coded packaging, the EasyClear range benefits from a full suite of in-store support materials including a display stand with a built-in TV playing a looped demonstration video.
They will ship from February 2009 at suggested retail prices of £79.99, £99.99 and £139.99 including VAT for the EasyClear 3000, 6000 and 9000 respectively.
See the new products and deals at GLEE on Hozelock’s Stand C1 in Hall 5.
For further trade information, contact Hozelock’s Birmingham sales office on 0121-313 4095, or e-mail info@hozelock.com