Hand Print Toys – Home of Creata® – The World’s Best Eco Toys!

Creata® Products are produced entirely in the UK from Recycled materials. Even  the paintbrush, which is of an excellent quality can be re-used many, many times.

The toys are 100% recyclable, raw materials come from a sustainable source and are a great alternative to plastic toys.Creata®-Toys use a simple method of engaging young children in a fun and practical way by assembling and decorating their own car.  The kits come complete with everything needed to finish the project, giving children a sense of accomplishment and ownership.The cardboard construction is designed to give strength in the most important areas, be quick and easy to assemble, yet give a realistic impression of a car. It is surprisingly robust.New models are in the pipeline, including Creata®-Scene room makeover stickers and  Creata®-Jet so there will always be something new to offer your customers.Two product lines are currently available: Creata®-Car for ages 3-5 RRP £18.99 and Creata®-Racer for ages 3 – 8 RRP £21.99. They are delivered in pallets of 60 packs – single or mixed colours. Please telephone 01760 444064 for a quotation or for further information.

Have a look at their website at www.handprinttoys.co.uk.