Grow your GYO profits with botanico’s propagation offering

Propagation equipment is the answer to their prayers,  helping them to start sowing seeds, plant bulbs and cultivate cuttings ahead of the main gardening season.  What’s more, a comprehensive propagation offering helps retailers to kick start sales early in the season.  Which is why more and more retailers are choosing botanico from Solus Garden & Leisure, which provides one of the most comprehensive propagation ranges on the market today.

  Botanico’s propagation range features a wide range of seed trays and cell inserts, as well as a windowsill greenhouse, with shatterproof lid and strong drip tray.  Combi-packs, which include either a plug tray or seed and cuttings trays, with a water tray and capillary matting, are also available, making it even easier for even the most amatuer gardeners to get growing this year.  All of botanico’s seed trays can also be easily transformed into a propagator with the introduction of a propagator lid.  The range also features the extremely popular Heated Propagator Starter Kits, that feature an electric heated propagator, seed and pots. The entire offering is also supported by botanico’s dedicated point-of-sale and merchandising units.  Fully branded the newly revised displays also feature handy ‘how to’ banners that help educate the consumer on what products they need as well as advice on how to achieve best results via propagation.

   Simon Brooks, brand manager at botanico said: “Propagation is a great way of getting the growing season kick started, even in the coldest winter months.  It’s also an ideal solution for ‘fair weather’ gardeners who want to get their hands dirty whilst staying in the warmth of their own home.  Our range features everything you need to get growing from January through to December.  What’s more our in-store merchandising features a wealth of information, helping even the newest gardeners to identify the right kit for the job.”


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  Available from garden centres across the UK, botanico’s extensive product range, including details of stockists, can also be found at or by calling (01905) 791984.