Greening the UK events to target planners and developers

With a new Government, evolving planning policy and a climate of budget cutting, the conferences will look at how to use green planting to deliver environmental and social objectives within the new localism agenda.  They will examine how research and best practice has developed in the field of sustainable construction and will help to contextualise how and why a more intelligent use of green space and planting in the planning system can deliver significant improvements to local communities.

The first event, which is supported by the Planning Officers Society, will address councillors, town planners, environmental bodies and others involved in planning. It takes place on Friday 17th September at Manchester Town Hall and will include presentations on emerging Government policies on green spaces and the decentralisation of power to local councils and communities.

The second event, aimed at house builders, developers, architects and housing associations, takes place at the BRE Enterprise Hub for the Built Environment, Watford on Monday 4th October 2010. This conference will focus on how green space and planting can help meet the challenges of the Code for Sustainable Homes and increase the resilience of development sites to the effects of climate change. It will also illustrate how investment in landscape design and delivery can add to the marketability of new developments, as well as reduce maintenance costs in the future.

Chair of Greening the UK, Tim Briercliffe said, “Following on from the publication of Greener Planning, Greener UK last year these conferences will demonstrate how plants can be used, with lots of relevant case studies, to genuinely improve the local environment and achieve broader social and environmental objectives.  We are delighted to be working with key influential organisations within the landscape and developer sector to spread the messages that lie behind Greening the UK.  The campaign aims to make a real improvement in the nation’s use of green planting and it is only by speaking to developers and planners, who deal with these issues every day that this will happen.  These conferences will continue that important process.”

Both events are free to attend and feature expert speakers from a range of interested stakeholders including the Planning Officers Society, BRE, Landscape Institute, MacFarlane Wilder, Environment Agency, the University of Reading and CabeSpace. For further details and to register your attendance, please visit or contact Alex Sewell on 020 7234 3332 or email