Gardening Wit

Another superb addition to Summersdale’s best-selling Wit series, here’s a title that affords perfect post-potting relaxation. Including gems from some of the world’s most illustrious horticulturists, as well as those who quickly threw in the trowel, Gardening Wit is the perfect gift for both experienced gardeners and those who are enthusiastic, but who don’t know their grass from their elbow.

Jane Brook

ISBN: 978 1 84024 786 2   Hardback   208 pages   £9.99  2009

‘To turn ordinary clothes into gardening clothes, simply mix with compost.’ Guy Browning

‘I was flattered to have a rose named after me until I read the description in the catalogue: No good in a bed, but perfect up against a wall.’  Eleanor Roosevelt

‘If you water it and it dies, it’s a plant. If you pull it out and it grows back, it’s a weed.’ Gerry Daly

‘There’s one good thing about snow – it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbours.’ Clyde Moore

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‘A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever.’ Barry Tobin

Gardening Wit is published by Summersdale and available through all good bookshops and internet booksellers or by telephoning Summersdale. To request review copies please contact Elly Donovan on: 01243 771107 or email