Garden the eazi way

Eazitools is an innovative range of ergonomic gardening tools designed by experts to maximise safety and reduce the general stresses and strains endured by gardeners.

Each eazitool is made from lightweight and rust resistant aluminium and features a patented, longer, double-cranked shaft which gives greater leverage and reduces the need to bend.  Blades are made from stainless steel, which is easier to clean and lighter to use than traditionally used carbon steel, which soil tends to cling to.

Easy to hold, soft grip handles add extra comfort and also act as a shock absorber, helping to prevent the pain of injury when hitting hard objects in the ground.

Each tool features a cast aluminium stirrup foot hole with slip resistant grippers, as an innovative alternative to the traditional foot bar design found on most forks or spades, where your foot may simply slide off the tool head. The stirrup also helps to ensure equal weight distribution, centralising the downward pressure of the foot and minimising the strain on the lower back.

Included within the range are a garden fork, spade, edger and weeder.

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