From wooden prototype to international distribution in 3 years

The Grab-o-sorus has been granted full patents in United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong and America.  The long-handled scissor-action device, with two strong opposing paddles, enables users to collect waste material from above. All existing methods require bending, to scrape or shovel.

Invented by Graham and made in Britain, the Grab-O-Saurus meets every normal, everyday requirement in the collection of waste matter at ground level – without the need for bending.  It collects the smallest items through to the largest, not forgetting all those awkward bundles of spiky cuttings and prickly hedge trimmings that are the bane of gardeners’ lives.  Garden pond enthusiasts will find there is no equal to its efficiency when that pesky pond weed threatens to spoil a special creation.

Potentially dangerous or contaminated waste can also be safely collected for disposal with the Grab-O-Saurus, opening up opportunities for staff involved in litter picking in public areas and for some industrial processes.

And back to the use that was the very original reason for its invention – for horse owners.  It is the complete answer for stable and paddock collection of droppings.

This simple, eco-friendly manual tool is unparalleled in design, allowing it to be worked on any surface, even bumpy meadowland, in a brand new concept of cleaning up life’s litter.  It expedites and simplifies all the worst chores of the garden and paddock, while rendering backache a problem of the past.

The Grab-O-Saurus [] is a tool of versatility and uniqueness, allowing everybody to stand up while cleaning up; it is being widely welcomed as “simply brilliant” and opens up new sales opportunities for garden product retailers.