From Model T to T-Bone!

They say that the best things come in small packages and this is certainly true of the revolutionary O-Grill range from Kingsford Barbecues Ltd. The O-Grill is a compact gas barbecue that can be easily carried by one person – it is ideal for domestic use or for camping and it comes in four attractive colours with an optional handy carrying bag.

The O-Grill is the latest product from Kingsford Barbecues- a company that takes its name from the American brand dating back to the golden days of Henry Ford. Ford’s cousin, Mr Kingsford, used off-cuts from the classic Model ‘T’ vehicle to produce quality charcoal and later accompanied this with a small charcoal barbecue that was used by Ford Dealers to assist sales.

Times have certainly changed since then and the latest Kingsford barbecue utilises the latest technology. O-Grill cleverly folds away to stand upright, radically reducing the amount of space required for storage and also making it far easier to transport, either by using its own carry handle or the attractive optional shoulder bag, ‘Carry-O’.

O-Grill 3000, the larger model, can be used with a full size propane gas bottle if barbecuing at home, or with a pocket sized gas canister (450g) when travelling (via the optional ‘Canister Conversion Kit’). The options further expand by introducing the O-Dock – this is a tailor-made lightweight table that safely secures either the 3000 or its smaller sibling the 1000.

The O-Dock also boasts incredible space-saving features – by folding virtually flat. With its own built-in handle the O-Dock is perfect to use at home or away, as it can be safely packed away in a car boot, alongside the O-Grill.

As for the O-Grill 1000 – this is slightly smaller still than its sibling and also lighter. This makes it one of the most convenient barbecues ever produced. It is perfect for trips of all types, the beach or park, camping or even hiking. The possibilities are virtually endless. The O-Grill 1000 is supplied with connections to a 450g self-sealing canister but a propane conversion kit is available as an option.

It would be difficult not to be drawn to the unique design and vibrant colours of the O-Grill. And with its quality cooking surface, designed to avoid flare-ups, it would be difficult not to be drawn to the idea of cooking fresh, delicious food on the move without any fuss or hassle.

Such has been the demand for both models that further model launches are in the pipeline. A larger ‘6000′ model is expected which will offer increased cooking area while remaining fully portable. Also, an eagerly awaited charcoal variant is being designed. This may just include a unique feature to solve the age-old problem of how to light a charcoal barbecue! The Solex show is likely to be the first time these new models are seen. Visitors to the Spring Fair can see the range at the Kingsford Barbecues stand run in conjunction with Sister company La Hacienda. The stand is in Hall 9, B50.

While the O-Grill has been the big news at Kingsford, the K-Pod has been just as successful, but in a rather quieter manner! The K-Pod extends the Kingsford Barbecues family of portable models, providing an entry-level unit for those seeking more versatility at this end of the market. For under £100 at retail, the consumer gets a gas barbecue with a 15000 BTU stainless steel tubular burner, porcelain-coated fire-bowl and hood, and a porcelain coated steel grill. A high specification for a barbecue at this level, but its trump card is that it transforms into a compact ‘Pod’ that can easily be stored or taken on trips away from the home.

Completing the Kingsford line-up is the Olympic Gas range – dual-skin hoods, integral gas bottle holders, storage cabinets and even a moisture bay (that prevents food drying out) are standard features across all models. Three and Four Burner units in a choice of grey or red hoods and a contemporary Four Burner Stainless Steel model are available – all offer something different to the masses of similarly styled models found from other suppliers. 

Kingsford may not be as well known around the world as the brand name Ford – but it is not far behind! Today, 85 per cent of all charcoal sold in America is Kingsford branded. In recent years, the company has produced a full range of Kettle Charcoal Barbecues that takes on the brand leaders in terms of quality and specification, but delivers superb value for money. This range is now available from Kingsford Barbecues in the form of three sizes of Kettle, a Table Kettle, a Portable Kettle and a Bullet Smoker for those who like to experiment.

Ford made its name through practical, affordable design that spoke to the man in the street. Kingsford is doing the same with its range of barbecues that will bring the joys of outdoor cooking to everyone, no matter where they may be or how much space they might have. And who can beat the joys of the open road, or eating al fresco, simple pleasures that don’t have to cost the earth?

Simon Gregory, a Director of Kingsford Barbecues, commented that the response to the launch of O-Grill has been ‘unprecedented’. ‘Everyone appears to be drawn in first by the looks, and then by the sheer practicality of the design. Add to this the choice of colours and accessories available and we always believed we had something special on our hands, capable of changing the face of barbecuing in the UK. The order book is looking very strong and we are fully expecting demand to outstrip supply, but will obviously be doing all we can to keep pace.’

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