Footfall Drivers

“When the market gets tough, get the marketing going,” is the message from David Saunderson of DSH PR. To help garden centres do just that DSH has launched a range of new cost effective marketing initiatives under the title of “Footfall Drivers”. The first set of Footfall Drivers comprises events that centres can run to encourage more people into garden centres, helping to anchor customers for the future.
All the events featured in the new Footfall Drivers brochure have been tried, tested and refined over many years to encourage more customer visits to garden centres. “A fundamental key to improving sales and business growth is getting more customers through the door and exposing them to products, services and the atmosphere that is created,” adds Saunderson. “These events create additional reasons to visit.”
The event packs, which cost between £65 and £95 each, represent excellent value for money as they include a valuable time saving step by step instruction guide, action points to be taken in the count down to the event and three ready to use activities to increase customer dwell time. Also included are key promotional materials, including a master leaflet to copy, posters and news release templates plus plenty of further promotion advice.
“We have included the elements a garden centre needs to run a successful event, from how to plan, through to providing vital materials,” says David. “Our experienced team is also available if people need extra help, for example to source external attractions, issue news releases and provide print services. Everyone who works for DSH has had direct retail experience as well, so we know what it is like on the shop floor.”
For more information contact the DSH PR team on 01252 408820 or go to