Flexible & up to date websites for garden centres

One thing that won’t change is your customers will continue to use the internet to research products before they visit a garden centre to make the purchase.These days, having an up to date website is necessary & we all know it’s tough to keep your website up to date leading up to & during the Spring time.

Garden Connect offers a flexible solution which will provide you with a relevant, tailer made website but also with weekly gardening news and tips. The system is also extremely flexible. You can change the information provided or can choose not to show it at all. Via the easy to use content management system you can publish your own offers and any other information. Of course, you can add as many pages and photos to your website as you want. Garden Connect helps you to create a superb website for your garden centre. The pricing of the website is just £ 100 per month and there are no setup costs. This covers everything: design, support, hosting, content and future updates. The service can be combined with other services like e-mail marketing, social media or online marketing & webshops. 

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