Fiskars new QuikFit™ – one click away from a range of opportunities

It usually happens some time around May. After months of careful planning, potting and planting the garden explodes into a shower of green shoots and colourful petals. Day after day, new plants wake up — it is a little bit of magic…

But while the view is enjoyable, these cute seedlings sprint into growth and can in no time turn the garden into a jungle, rapidly outgrowing the gardener and his tools. That’s when sheds, garages and basements reveal their collection of garden equipment.

Always dedicated to producing garden tools that set new standards for the industry, Fiskars introduces a new system with a whole range of opportunities — all with a quick ‘click’. Fiskars QuikFit™ makes gardening efficient and a real pleasure as well as keeping the shed organised.


One ‘click’ away…

Fiskars new ‘multi-use’ system features the patented QuikFit™ mechanism that ensures effortless switch-over of heads (rakes, cultivators, hoes, weeders, edgers, brooms…), as the integral slider allows you to unlock and eject each head in one fast, continuous movement. Push the new head into the mechanism and when you hear the ‘click’ the slide has automatically moved to a locked position and the tool is equipped and ready for work.

A range of opportunities

No need to carry around lots of different and at times heavy tools when moving from one project to another, Fiskars ‘multi-use’ system provides a range of opportunities and is both extremely easy to use and space saving.

Made of light-weight hardened aluminium, the QuikFit™ handle is teardrop-shaped for enhanced durability and available in a graphite colourway. The orange loop at the end of the handle allows the sytem to be hung when storing — yet another gain for the shed.

The series of interchangeable heads complete the perfect tool for various specialised garden and lawn care tasks:

  • Cultivators: a 3-prong cultivator, a push-pull weeder, a lawn spiker and four different types of hoes.
  • Rakes: soil rakes, leaf rakes, an aerator rake, a gather rake, a rose rake and a universal rake.
  • Edge and knife heads, including a patio knife, a dual wheel lawn edger and a lawn edge trimmer.
  • A patio broom.
  • The Fiskars Quikfit™ system also offers a unique Universal Adapter which allows the gardener to connect the handle to any interchangeable head from other manufacturers.

Fiskars QuikFit™ – in brief

  • One-handle-fits-all: The extensive range of interchangable heads available today make Quikfit™ the perfect tool for numerous specialised gardening activities, from cultivating to raking, edging and shaping.
  • Patented locking mechanism: QuikFit™ is equipped with a patented locking mechanism, which allows you to easily lock or unlock and eject the heads in one swift movement.
  • Lightweight design: Made of light-weight hardened aluminium, the QuikFit™ handle is teardrop shaped for enhanced durability and is available in a graphite colourway.
  • Handy and comfortable: The soft-grip handle is both comfortable and ensures a secure grip when working. The orange loop allows the system to be hung when storing — yet another gain for the shed.

The handles start from £11.99, the 26-range of heads range from £11.99 – £39.00 and the Universal Adaptor is £9.99

For stockist information please email or telephone 01656 655595,