Fish Pod from Interpet

Fish Pod is the new complete aquarium that makes fishkeeping easier and more successful than ever before. Fish Pod contains all you need to start up a coldwater aquarium and even has a tropical upgrade kit, allowing flexibility for beginners and experienced fish keepers alike. Fish Pod’s panoramic curved glass design and high specification equipment creates a beautiful underwater world for fishkeepers to enjoy.
Fish Pod contains everything you need to succeed. Our winning product PF filter is an Easy Care Filtration which provides clear and healthy water and reduces maintenance. The filter is equipped to deal with all three stages of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological.
The aquarium is designed with curved glass ensuring it will look elegant in your home and enabling you to enjoy panoramic views of your underwater world. Fish Pod modern cabinets are also available that will coordinate with other pieces of furniture in your home.
Fish Pod is available in two sizes (48 litres and 64 litres) in black and with matching cabinets. We will launch these at GLEE at the NEC, Birmingham. Please do drop by and see us for more information.
For stockists please contact Interpet on 0845 226 7437 or e-mail
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