Extended range for the Perfect Edge

Baxter’s Perfect Edge have extended the range of their revolutionary lawn and garden border design and cutting system. Gardeners and landscapers now have several options to choose from depending on how many designs they want to create, and whether they want to use their own edging tools with the system. Baxters have made available new packs of the plastic templates that create the garden border designs. The Perfect Edge Design System 1 enables you to create 41 different designs and costs just £29.99 RRP. 

In the pack is a series of straight, curved and angled edges that are fitted together and, secured with the pins provided, used to create and cut the designs with a traditional half moon cutting tool, a spade or the Perfect Edge Lawn Edger. If you don’t have an edging tool the Perfect Edge Lawn Edger is available separately or you can buy it with the pack and make a saving of up to £4.99.

More ambitious projects are catered for with the different options available. Design System 2 for example offers up to 63 designs. Perfect Edge offers a versatile solution to the old problem of making a shaped border symmetrical and can be used in conjunction with block paving and brick to quickly create paths and garden features.

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