Enjoy the moment with Embrace

Embrace is a premium range of candles from Bolsius, designed to change the way we think about and use candles.
Inspiring the consumer to “Enjoy the Moment” is key to the Embrace message.
As Mike Buttery, UK Sales Manager, Bolsius explains: “Prior to the development of Embrace, we undertook a great deal of research about why people buy candles. One of the key findings was the fact that consumers invariably are buying a ‘special moment’, and not just a candle.”
Attention has been paid to both quality (Embrace has guaranteed burning behaviour), and packaging (as research showed that 75 to 80 per cent of purchase decisions for candles were made at the point of sale).
For more information, please contact Ivyline on 024 7621 7600 or e-mail sales@ivylinegb.co.uk