Doff Portland gives plants food for thought

All developed and manufactured at Doff’s Nottingham facility, the new products have been created to help retailers capitalise on the successful ‘grow your own’ category and gardening trend that shows no sign of abating.


Leading the category are two innovative tomato foods. Firstly, there’s the Tomato Drip Feed (2 pack, RRP £1.49) that feeds nutrients directly to the plant’s roots to generate healthier crops. Each tube contains 30 days of food that it regularly deposits, so gardeners do not need to worry about controlling the output.


Secondly in the tomato feed category is the Tomato Food Tablets (12 tablets, RRP £2.49), which slowly release a constant supply of nutrients to help the vegetables grow. Rich in potassium for bigger fruit and easy to use by inserting into the growing medium, these elements are ideal for growing large and tasty tomatoes at home.


Slow Release Fertiliser and Water Storing Gel Crystals (250g, RRP £3.49) is a two-in-one season-long nutrient supply that has been developed for use in hanging baskets and containers.  It feeds and waters at the same time to ensure plants are fed regularly, while requiring minimum input from the end-user.


Doff has created Slow Release Fertiliser Tablets (18 pack, RRP £3.49) to provide balanced nutrients for hanging baskets and larger plants. The easy to use formula benefits from a pre-mixed content, making it ideal for garden centres and DIY stores to stock as it appeals to the time-poor gardener.


Two further drip feed items complete the new offerings – Houseplant Bio Drip Feed (2 pack, RRP £1.49), which contains essential nutrients for heavier crops of houseplants, and the Orchid Drip Feeder (2 pack, RRP £1.49), which has been specifically created for larger varieties of the colourful plant.


Matt Jones, managing director at Doff Portland, said: “Each of the six new SKUs have been under development for some time, so it’s with excitement that we bring them to market this year. We were conscious of creating products that were easy to use and offered maximum benefits and strongly believe that these items are all capable of that and much, much more.”


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