Debut for Mines for Pets

This was my first show as Mines for Pets so it was a perfect opportunity to tell buyers that I am now importing Pet Blinkers and the Canine Hardware/Chuckit range. I was happy with the show and sold plenty of racks of the new generation Pet Blinkers with coloured metallic barrels, a choice of flashing colours and on/off buttons.
Without reps on the road this show is my main marketing activity and the sales it has brought have been very good for me. Also, I found it valuable to hear the feedback from retailers about both my products and competitive products, and to put faces to names.
I only had a small 6-metre stand, but the area of the hall was quite busy, as the small stands seamed to attract people and keep them in the area for a while. Also I was near to the Pet Care Trust Seminar hall so I think that helped. I am a small company and did the show on a low budget, I had products that sell into stores at this time of year and I had quality lines. For me it worked and I hope to be there again next year.
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