Countax Develop Cut or Mulch Combination Grass Cutter Deck

Countax have developed a new grass cutter deck capable of either mulching or cutting and ejecting. The new 97cm (38″) Combi deck is currently available for the Countax X Series range, and has been designed to provide neat, fast mowing, with the ability to eject long cut grass from the rear of the deck on a standard setting. 

Converting the new cutter deck from standard to mulching simply involves adding a small plug section to the rear, easily accessed by lifting the deck into the wash position and rotating a hand adjusted screw. To change back to a standard deck, simply reverse the process, all of which takes less than 2 minutes. Mulching is a popular alternative to cutting and collecting grass, ideally suited to lawns which are already maintained, and for prolonged dry weather conditions when grass growth is slow. As a mulching deck, the three blades lift and cut the grass over and over again, using the contours of the inner deck to force the minute grass clippings deep into the lawn, returning valuable nitrogen to the roots of the grass. Regular mulch mowing can reduce the need to fertilise your lawn by up to 25%. Mulching also conserves moisture in the grass, reducing the frequency of watering in the summer, and in times of drought, mulching can be a real lawn ‘lawn saver’.

The key advantages of this new combination cutter deck from Countax is that you can cut longer, wet grass and eject, then convert your mower to a mulcher without the cost of purchasing a separate specialist cutter deck. 

The new combination deck is currently available on all Countax X-Series models, available from authorised Countax dealers.

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