Consumer demand for eco-friendly products is driving demand for ecofective® say Sipcam Home & Garden

The ecofective® brand – part of the Sipcam Home & Garden family – is continuing to witness phenomenal growth thanks to the ongoing consumer demand for environmentally sensitive products that offer effective alternatives to existing chemical ranges.

Best known for its ‘Child and Pet Safe’ credentials, the ecofective® range has carved out a name for itself due to the fact the full portfolio looks to take advantage of alternative formulas, bucking the more traditional reliance on conventional chemicals. This approach has won the favour of legions of shoppers as the benefits for both the family, wildlife and planet are easy to see. This consumer popularity has helped garden retailers to increase brand loyalty, repeat sales and increased average basket spend. As a result, Sipcam Home & Garden team report an increase in ecofective® stockists ahead of the 2022 season, including an influx of independent garden centres and a strengthened position within leading garden centre groups.

The four ‘pillars’ of ecofective

Put simply, the ecofective® brand strives to deliver on four core pillars, each focused on delivering effective solutions without impacting the planet.

  1. REDUCING NASTY CHEMICALS – ecofective® formulas are pesticide-free, meaning they contribute to a cleaner planet.
  2. HELPING CONSERVATION – ecofective® products are better for garden wildlife so are able to support the ecosystem and the vital species of wildlife that are so important to the planet.
  3. REDUCING WASTE – All ecofective® bottles are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. The range also offers refillable solutions to reduce single-use plastic. Each refill bottle uses 60% less plastic.
  4. REDUCING EMISSIONS – By producing ecofective® products in the UK, Sipcam Home & Garden is able to drastically reduce the carbon footprint within its supply chain.

Nigel Thompson, Head of Sales at Sipcam Home & Garden said: “As experts in pioneering biotechnology, we created the ecofective® brand to provide more sustainable products. Our four pillars enable us to always stay on track when developing the brand and new product introductions, as we can ask ourselves where any changes sit within the guidelines we have set out for ourselves.

“Importantly, our four pillars also make it easy for retailers to see what we stand for, which is why we believe that we have seen such a strong uplift in stockists over the last 12 months. More than ever, retailers are looking to find supply partners that have a transparent approach to not just product development but also sustainability and positive environmental practices, with ecofective® repeatedly hitting the mark. It’s an exciting time for the brand.”


Considered material innovation – it matters what’s on the outside too

A key aspect of ecofective®’s four pillars is the use of 100% recycled material bottles and refill options, both of which have proven popular since launching in 2021.

Ideal for retailers who are looking to offer something different to those customers that prioritise minimising plastic waste, the ecofective® refill works to reduce plastic waste by utilising 60% less plastic than large pre-diluted bottles. Each 200ml refill contains a concentrated formula that, when mixed with water, can be used to create a new ready-to-use product in an existing ecofective® bottle. This means gardeners can continue using their larger bottle and simply recycle the smaller refill. Refills are currently available for ecofective®‘s Bug & Mildew Control, Bug Control, Plant Disease Defence, Rose Defender, Slug Defence Spray, and Organic Pour & Feed.

An additional benefit of ecofective®’s refills is the fact that the smaller bottles have a reduced footprint on the shelf, helping to free up space and increase the ROI for retailers. To further support this, Sipcam Home & Garden has developed enhanced instore POS solutions to enable its growing distribution channels to confidently communicate ecofective®’s eco credentials.

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The ecofective® brand primarily strives to arm gardeners with very effective alternatives to conventional chemical garden care products and, as testament to its performance, is also used by professional growers. All ecofective® formulas are pesticide-free, with eye-catching packaging clearly highlighting all products as ‘child and pet safe’, helping consumers make informed decisions at point of purchase.

In addition to ecofective® the wider Sipcam Home & Garden brand portfolio includes SPOT-ON, GET OFF, FITO and Aeroxon.

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