Coco Peat (Coir) – An eco friendly growing medium

Eco Coir are specialised suppliers of quality coco peat based growing solutions and are committed in protecting the non-renewable resource of peat bogs and replacing its line of growing products by coco peat. Coco peat (coir) is an excellent growing medium made from coconut husks, a waste product of the coconut industry. Coco peat is an ideal substitute for peat moss and has been increasingly used as a complete growing and rooting solution.

Like peat, coir is organic, has very high water holding ability and is very slow to decompose. However, it is better to use than peat because if it gets dry it is very easy to rewet. Also it has a natural pH of about 6, which is very good for most plants.

Coir is naturally high in potassium and does not break down as fast as many other organic growing media. It is free from contaminants and diseases which makes it safe to use and ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

Eco Coir manufacture and distribute coco peat in various shapes and our product range includes coir pots, coir pellets (netted and non netted) for propagation, circular discs, square slabs, 550gm bricks, 5kg bales and grow bags in various sizes.

We provide customers with the best quality products at fair prices and support them with an unrivalled customer service. For further details and contact information visit our website