CJ Wildlife foods provide a high calorie diet for birds

We are all encouraged to eat more healthily these days, and have a diet which is low in fat and calories. Although good news for humans a low calorie diet for wild birds would mean we saw a lot less of them in our gardens …

With natural food sources being scarce at this time of year, finding sufficient energy supplies can be a hard task for our wild birds. Especially when birds use up a huge amount of energy each day – a small bird generally has to eat up to 40 per cent of its body weight just to survive the long winter nights. 

The CJ Wildlife range of seeds, nuts and peanut cakes can provide garden birds with a supply of food rich in the calories and oils they need to get through the winter and spring breeding season. Our Sunflower Hearts, High Energy No Mess and Oil Rich Peanuts are a real winner with garden birds!

To help customers select the most energy-rich food for their garden birds, CJ’s food bags all come with the calorie content on the front. We were the first bird food manufacturer to include calorific values on our packaging … showing our commitment to providing high quality, nutritious foods.

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