Chocolate gardening goodies from House of Sarunds

House of Sarunds, the leading continental chocolate and confectionery supplier, is now offering a milk chocolate potting kit, complete with trowel, plant pot and two rose buds.

Made from quality Belgian milk chocolate by Gwynedd Confectioners, the potting kit makes an ideal gift for staff, customers or prospects this summer.

The 22.5cm by 16.5cm kit can be tailored with messages and logos, as well as personalised ribbon and stickers, to create a truly memorable promotional gift.

House of Sarunds has established itself as one of the key players in the luxury chocolate sector and offers the largest range of exquisite English and continental chocolates and confectionery available in the UK. The company is the exclusive distributor of a number of high-quality brands including Kimberley’s English hand made chocolates and truffles and Van Coillie handmade Belgian chocolates.

Its extensive portfolio includes loose and pre-packed chocolates, fudge, liquorice, marzipan, marshmallow and nougat.

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