Chapelwood boosts winter sales with special wild bird care promotions

  Featuring both Mealworm and Robin Bird Food, the winter promotions are designed to encourage consumers to feed the birds over the winter months.  The promotion leads with a slogan that reads: “Please help us survive”, highlighting the plight faced by birds as the temperature drops and food becomes harder to find.

The winter promotion features dump bins with either 500g or 1kg bags of Mealworm feed, available at just £9.99, compared to the normal RRP of £24.99 and £34.99 respectively.  The Robin Bird Food, available as part of the promotion, includes 1kg bags, priced at just £2.39, a saving of over £1 on the normal RRP of £3.49.  Henry Corbett, Chapelwood’s brand manager, said: “Consumers have become more aware of the importance of feeding the birds extra food during the cold winter months.  This special promotion is making it even easier and more cost effective to feed birds of all varieties – including our festive favourite, the robin – when they need it most.”

To find out more about Chapelwood’s winter promotions and how you can benefit from it’s profit boosting potential, please visit or call 01905 791984.