Burgon & Ball Expands its Sales and Marketing Department


Alan who’s first public engagement on behalf of Burgon & Ball was to introduce a NEW range of Burgon & Ball tools endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society at GLEE, was overwhelmed by his reception.

“I’ve worked in the business for over 20 years and was obviously aware of Burgon & Ball’s reputation for customer relations but its only when you’re on the inside that you can really appreciate the warmth and value that such partnerships can generate”.  News of the RHS endorsement has been welcomed by the trade and Alan experienced for the first time the power that such an association can have with buyers eager to ensure sufficient stocks to meet the expected demand.

“What better recommendation can there be than the RHS” says Alan, we have a booming order book and we haven’t really started to promote it yet, it’s obvious that we’ve really found a market and demand has been exceptional”.