Building on success to deliver more for customers

This new structure will enable Gardman to capitalise quickly on market opportunities for its extensive range of new products at attractive prices.  

Explaining the rationale for the change, CEO Stewart Hainsworth said: “We operate in a highly competitive market in which our retail partners trust us to deliver.  Having recently and successfully introduced key initiatives to bring us closer to our customers, we must continue to understand their commercial requirements and retain their trust by meeting those challenges quickly and efficiently. Excellent service levels, continuous innovation and shaRRPer prices are therefore at the heart of our strategy.”  

Gardman’s Sales Administration and Support functions are being integrated with Consumer Support, under the leadership of Laura Smart.  Laura, who has been instrumental within the sales department over the last 14 years, will enable Gardman to deliver a more cohesive and responsive service division.

Adding further strength to the Sales function, Phil Moss will join Gardman as Senior National Account Manager for B&Q and Matthew Bent will join as Group Account Manager for the Garden Centre channel.

Stewart Hainsworth added: “Both Phil and Matthew will bring a significant level of industry and trade experience that I’m sure will prove to be invaluable in building strong retail partnerships with our customers.  We look forward to welcoming them in early November.”  

In addition, Sales Office Manager Wendy Towers, Finance Director Richard Browne and Marketing Director, Jane Lawler have left the business to pursue other opportunities.  “We wish Richard, Jane and Wendy every success in their future careers and would like to thank them for their contributions to the business,” said Stewart.

 “I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Little as Finance Director who brings a diverse range of business expertise in retail and distribution.  Recognising internal talent, Sarah Downing will now lead the Marketing department, having already proven her capabilities, market and industry knowledge during her time with the company.” 

He concluded: “The right corporate culture and willingness to change is essential to adapt to a dynamic market place.  Gardman is determined to modernise its practices, by investing in the latest IT infrastructure, which underlines our commitment to meeting our customers’ requirements.”