Bring veg growing indoors with Johnsons Geo Microcrops

As winter starts to close in and outdoor vegetable activity is restricted, there is nothing to stop gardeners of all abilities, including children, from growing delicious crops of ‘microcrops’ or sprouting seeds from the Geo range offered by Johnsons. They are ready to harvest in just a few days, giving not only impressively quick results for youngsters, but also a range of deliciously different vegetables for all the family.

Sprouting seeds are now ‘mainstream’, thanks to the realisation that these simple-to-grow ‘instant’ vegetables are packed with vitamins and other nutrients. Johnsons range of 15 Geo Organic Sprouting Seeds in large format generously filled packets are a great place to start growing these delicious and nutritious mini-vegetables. The collection includes alfalfa, broccoli, buckwheat, fenugreek, lentils, mung beans, radish and rocket. All the seed, which is certified organic, has been cleaned specially for sprouting. Also included in the Geo range are a three tiered sprouting unit at £15.95 and a book entitled “Sprouts for Health” priced at £4.99, which provides useful information on how to get started, the benefits of growing sprouts and lots of delicious ways in which to use them. Johnsons seeds are available from garden centres and other gardening outlets throughout the UK.


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