BPOA presents the Peter Seabrook Bursary to support educational work in Horticulture

The Peter Seabrook Bursary, financed by the British Protected Ornamentals Association will be administered by the David Colegrave Foundation. Students are invited to apply for funds of £5,000 to help them with their studies.


Ian Riggs, chairman of BPOA in presenting the bursary at the association’s annual dinner noted the words of the citation: The Association wishes to mark its appreciation of Peter Seabrook’s work in promoting Horticulture to young people and to fund a bursary for educational activities for 5 years in recognition of his long standing contribution to and support of the ornamentals plants industry.


Peter Seabrook comments: “There will always be job opportunities in gardening and horticulture generally for people of all abilities. Commercial food and ornamental plant production is now hi-tech and needs people with good scientific and foreign language skills as the business is very much international. They also need IT, engineering, man management and business expertise. Gardening similarly needs people with a very wide range of skills and abilities. If you like growing plants, as I do, and being out in the fresh air, this is an absorbing job, a pleasure to go to work and lovely lifestyle. After all, literally millions of people garden as a hobby, while those of us in the profession get paid to do it.”


For more details, go to http://www.davidcolegravefoundation.org.uk/ and click on scholarships