Bougies la Française Christmas collection

French designer and manufacturer of candles, Bougies la Française has now launched its Autumn-Winter collection in the UK. 

Since 1902, Bougies la Française offers scented and decorative hand-moulded candles as well as accessories such as candle holders and candelabras to create a complete home décor style.

Its four in-house designers build their collections (1 permanent and 2 seasonal ones per year) around tree styles: classic chic, young urban and modern contemporary.

Bougies la Française Christmas collection, which includes reexamined Gold and Silver ranges, will also charm classic chic customers thanks to its Douce Romance and Winter Tale themes, tempt young urbanites with its colourful Gourmandises designs and seduce modern contemporary ones with its Red Addict, Black Pearl and Angeldust ranges.

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