Boost autumn sales with Sinclair’s BounceBack

Wet weather can play havoc with lawns, especially ones that see a lot of use. But this autumn retailers can offer customers something to put the spring back into turf, with BounceBack from Sinclair.

Whether it is children playing or constant walking, lawns can become compacted and the grass damaged. BounceBack is the ideal way to repair, strengthen and maintain lawns that have to cope with “heavy traffic”.

Made from recycled passenger tyres, BounceBack is granulated to form small rubber grains. When applied to a lawn, these expand and contract under the pressure of day-to-day use.

BounceBack also improves drainage and water retention and warmth, and means an end to worn patches and a return to strong healthy grass.

Simple to apply and easy to use, BounceBack is set to put the spring back into lawns this year. Now that customers are starting to think about lawn care over the winter months, why not offer them great looking lawns and get ahead with this season’s sales?

For more information on BounceBack, or the rest of the Sinclair range of gardening products, call 01552 537561 or visit