Bigger, better bait for rodents

One 26g squeezable tube of The Big Cheese Mouse & Rat Attractant is sufficient to bait over 20 mouse traps, according to the company, which represents a remarkable cost-saving stood against the cost of the Snickers bars which many of The Big Cheese customers say they have previously used to bait traps.

The non-toxic paste, developed from a mix of prune paste and other secret, all-natural ingredients, is perfectly safe to handle and apparently irresistible to both rats and mice.  STV is recommending it for use on any type of mouse or rat trap, from traditional wooden snap trap to new-generation, press-to-set models.


 “The new formulation and improved packaging allows the attractant to be easily applied without mess or drips,” states STV Business Development Director, John Rowe. “The tube can be sealed for storage between applications, and now baits more traps than ever.  It’s great value for money!”


Find The Big Cheese Mouse & Rat Attractant (STV163) on or in your local retailer.