Bermuda promises magical profits from Spooky Halloween Misters

Bermuda, the water garden brand of Solus Garden & Leisure, has introduced two new illuminated misters to attract buyers for the Halloween season.


Both the triple outdoor and single indoor misters can be ordered with a slip-on full colour laminated Halloween packaging sleeve for a special seasonal offer. The triple outdoor mister has been re-named ‘Spooky Fog’ for the occasion, whilst the single indoor version is known as  ‘Witches Mist’.


At the flick of a switch the multi-coloured light units emit a mysterious and eerie mist which instantly conjures up that spooky Halloween atmosphere. Outdoors, the garden is enveloped in a sudden, unnerving fog. Indoors, the witches’ cauldron comes to life.


Ideal for Halloween parties and appealing to fans of Harry Potter and all things witchy, the misters will form an stunning focal point in a seasonal Halloween display. Spooky Fog and Witches Mist will not only sell themselves but also help sell any other seasonal products in the display. After the end of the promotion, the slip-on promotional outer sleeves can easily be removed, revealing the products’ regular eye-catching Bermuda-branded packaging;  and unsold misters can be returned to their normal sale locations.


The outdoor mister has 36 multicolour LED lights with can be remotely controlled, whilst the indoor model has nine multicolour LEDs and comes complete with float and a plug transformer. Price points are £29.99 for the indoor light and £89.99 for the outdoor, with volume discounts available to encourage in-store Halloween promotions.