Bayer Garden’s super strength glyphosate gets to the root of the problem

Anyone who has tackled the invidious and tenacious Japanese Knotweed will know how tough it is to win the war. Bayer Garden has announced a breakthrough in its treatment: Super Strength Glyphosate, which has just received approval from the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

Addressing the needs of shoppers, Super Strength Glyphosate comes in innovative single dose soluble sachets that dissolve quickly and easily in water. This means gardeners don’t have to handle or measure any chemicals. 

A particularly invasive and resilient plant, Japanese Knotweed can grow metres in a matter of weeks, out-competes many other species it comes into contact with and damages man-made hard structures which get in its way.

Its devastating effects are regularly in the news and it is so invasive there is legislation banning its cultivation and movement. 

Alison Mulvaney, Product Manager at Bayer Garden, said: “Because it grows so quickly, can regenerate from a piece of root smaller than your nail and is incredibly tough, Japanese Knotweed is a nightmare in the garden.  To date the best way to tackle it has been via a combination of determination and sustained assault over a number of years. 

“Today, though, thanks to Bayer Garden’s launch of Super Strength Glyphosate, there is a new, simple and effective solution, which is accessible to all gardeners.

“But developing and providing the right solution is not all that’s required. Our research shows shoppers spend just eight seconds looking at the shelf deciding which product to buy and that they find weedkilling the most confusing category. This is why we have done far more than just create the right product. We have also spent time and resources developing packaging that will quickly give shoppers the information they need and help them select the right solution in a matter of seconds.”

The new Super Strength Glyphosate formulation kills difficult weeds and roots, including brambles and thistles. It fully degrades into the soil to allow replanting.

For more information on Bayer Garden’s products contact the customer services team on 01223 226564 or e-mail