Bayer Garden ‘We Can Help’ campaign takes to the road

Bayer Garden is teaming up with gardening expert Chris Holden for a series of in-store staff training days at garden centres across the country.
The training days are part of Bayer Garden’s “we can help” programme, designed to educate staff and consumers about the benefits of their products and how to use them.
During the training, demonstrations will be given using both the Advanced Path Weedkiller Concentrate and the Advanced 3 Hour Weedkiller.  The training will also cover a number of other products from the range.
At the end of the sessions, each member of staff will be given a goodie bag of Bayer Garden branded products, samples and a sales training guide to be used as a reference on the shop floor.
Chris Holden will also be involved with a similar series of garden centre training days aimed at consumers, alongside gardening expert, Stephen Green.
Jane Lawler, Head of Marketing at Bayer Garden, says: “The ‘we can help’ campaign for 2008 is all about ensuring that both garden centre employees and customers are fully aware of exactly what our products can do and how best to use them.  We hope these sessions will prove invaluable for garden centres, helping their employees to increase sales on the shop floor.”
The garden centre staff training days will take place across the UK until May. Please call 01223 226564 for dates and locations.